Charles Bradley – ‘Soul of America’

Charles Bradley – ‘Soul of America’

Documentary & Albums

Charles Bradley is a name you need to know ! This man has so much soul and passion in his heart. He is an absolute hero.

Known aptly as ‘The screaming eagle of Soul ‘ Charles was 62 years of age when he released his first album ‘No Time For Dreaming’ in 2011.

It’s full of raw inspirational & highly emotive tracks. I’ve included it below along with the full story behind Charles rise to fame.

Check out ; the extraordinary ‘ Why is it so hard’

I’ve been following Charles since I heard him a few Christmases ago & have been in love with his sound ever since. He will always remind me of that.

I have been threatening to post this video/documentary on his life and background for a while now. Charles’ story is truly an amazing one and after a recent battle with stomach cancer I feel that there really is no time like the present to share.

He is thankfully back on the road touring again with his great band ‘The Extraordinaries‘ so be sure to catch him if you get a chance.
Dates here :

His smooth blend of Soul, Funk & Rhythm and Blues along with his encapsulating voice & inspiring story make Charles a truly talented individual.

I’ll let the video tell you the rest and then you can work your way through his albums. His third album ‘Changes‘ has just been released in April 2016 to great acclaim.

Hope you like!


Charles Bradley Soul Of America 2012 Movie

Charles Bradley – No Time For Dreaming (Full Album)

Charles Bradley – ‘Victim of Love ‘(Full Album)

Charles Bradley “Changes”


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