Bonobo – ‘ No Reason (feat. Nick Murphy)’ + ‘Migration’ full album

Bonobo – ‘ No Reason (feat. Nick Murphy) + ‘Migration’ full album’


There was a quite a bit of good new electronic music out on Friday last.

Here’s a mouthwatering combo with two of my favorite eclectic upper crusters ..

(Nick Murphy =The artist formerly known as Chet Faker by the way for anyone who is missing that update)

He is now releasing under his own name and should have an album due out later this year.

Bonobo hopefully needs little introduction at this stage.

For anyone who doesn’t know he’s one of the finest producers the UK has seen in the 15 + years .

He has several great albums to chose from and as all great artists do has his own unique, instantly recognizable sound. For an added bonus try and catch him touring with his live band if you can.

Check out : his full new album ‘Migration‘ in the bottom link below.. just released this week.

The official video for ‘No Reason‘ to start.

Hope you like!



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