Aphex Twin – rhubarb orc. 19.53 rev [unrev mono edit]

Aphex Twin – rhubarb orc. 19.53 rev [unrev mono edit]


I have been on a bit of a mini Aphex Twin binge recently culminating in a dream where I thought I was an electronic signal in one of his synth’s. That’s actually quite a cool dream for me 😉
It was after a read of his lengthy Syrobonkers interview last year. You can find the link below.

Meanwhile I found this recording of arguably my favorite Twin track ‘ Rhubarb ‘. I’ve loved this track for years. There’s a really interesting story behind it.

If you read the Syrobonkers interview RDJ explains how this track was made using his ‘remote orchestra’ concept: individual tones were sent to the headphones of each member of the orchestra and they then had to play or sing as close to that tone as possible.

All remote controlled from AFX’s laptop, with other icons flashed up to control volume etc. That is why this sounds completely unworldly – you are listening to an orchestra conducted in a way no-one has ever tried before. What we are left with is an outtake from the rehearsals in Poland.

There is a link for the reverse recording as well on AFX’s soundcloud page.

Both are excellent.

Check out : his Syrobonkers 2015 Interview

Artist: AFX.
Track 31/55
Album: SYROBONKERS! Interview Trax
Year: 2014
Comment: Not on label (AFX Self-Released). “recorded in poland,at rehearsal.”
Composer: Richard D. James

Hope you like!..



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