mhm mix 020 – Nicolas Jaar – Episode 33 (Part 2)

mhm mix 020 – Nicolas Jaar – Episode 33 (Part 2)


This is yet another absolutely sublime mix from the still young genius.

Deep melodic moody grooves all the way. Diverse rhythms and beats, full of energy and soul : exactly what we expect from Jaar.

This was recorded back in partially live in Bar 25 Berlin/Germany 2010

Check out ; The last two tracks in particular from No Regular Play and Matthew Dear.

Hope you like!..



Tracklist below

“this is power”: Loose Joints – “It’s all Over my Face”
“this is love” first step: Aphex Twin – Nannou 2
01:15 Johnny Jackson & the Blazers feat. Merle Spears – Wisdom of a fool
(/watch?v=iKw72Y-9UrA), these are the lyrics I was looking for since…
07:50 Man Friday – Love Honey Love Heartache (Lerry Levan vocal mix)
/watch?v=CwW9E3e0UCI (my thx 4 correction goes to Sasa Derkatch)
08:10 Allen Toussaint – St. James Infirmary (/watch?v=LrzpinslpzU)
14:49 Soul Keita – Dusties N 808s (/watch?v=CD7lyzi8pV4)
18:33 Busta Rhymes feat. Pharrell Williams – Light Ur Ass On Fire (/watch?v=P_wjDgkhBAA)
18:57 Dave Brubeck – Mini Calcutta
21:47 Nico – Time For Us
22:15 Nico – Feeling Good
30:14 Nico – Russian’s Doll
35:28 Kasper Bjørke – Heaven (/watch?v=tId5I7WYZpQ)
cover from Rolling Stones – Heaven (/watch?v=f8pkssspScc)
cover from Kasper Bjørke – Heaven
40:00 Nico & Soul Keita – Going Bad
45:55 Stretch – Why Did You Do It?
49:36 Nico – La Bohème
then there’s silence 🙂 Nico speaks I think
51:58 Nico – Time For Us
at 52:28 it’s Nico’s “Love You Gotta Lose Again”
55:40 Nichol:s – “Play the drums for me”
59:50 Nico – El Bandido
1:03:10 No Regular Play – Owe Me
1:08:32 Matthew Dear – You Put A Smell On Me


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