Aphex Twin – ‘CIRKLON3’ [ Колхозная mix ]

Aphex Twin – ‘CIRKLON3’ [ Колхозная mix ]


Let’s traverse into the wonderful world of dimension Twin and see what Aphex has been up to recently…

Something unusual no doubt draped in various blips blops and sharp melodic ambience doesn’t sound too presumptuous.

This came out last month from his ‘Cheetah EP’ which was released last week . It’s Aphex’s first official music video in 17 years.

You won’t be disappointed with the embossed AFX  weirdness factor that feature through his productions..

I always make a half gestured attempt to proudly claim him as one of our own , given that he was born in Limerick much like SWIM 😉

That apart he is a hero/inspiration for an entire generation of electronic patrons myself included. This video was shot by a young Irish boy Ryan Wyer, aged 12, in our fair capital, Dublin.

Aphex randomly found Ryan online on his YT channel and liked his video takes/channel so much he decided the 12 year old Dub was the right candidate for his new project. What an unusual combo.. but then again nothing is unusual or surprising when it comes to RDJ. There is more to follow from these two as well.. Beware..

This is a beautifully simple melody with warm deep back bass groves scattered beneath a veil of trademark twin organ echoes. It would be most welcome on any format of Selected Ambient Works.

Check out :  the new album over on Bleep – http://smarturl.it/cheetah-bleep



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