mHm mix 013 – Denis Sulta -Live @Subclub, Glasgow

Denis Sulta -Live @Subclub, Glasgow


OK so I guess this is in the ones to watch/ upcoming talent bracket ;  Denis Sulta – although Scotland’s latest in a healthy line of musical talent is not really brand new. He is only 22 though so watch this space !

He’s been on the scene there & traversing the perimeters of the DJ circuit for the past couple of years now already.

Part of my admiration for Denis is his own sound & smooth track selection and with that commands instant respect.  He’s house by the way!

This mix below has a nice deep and driving yet sultry start (do or don’t pardon the play on his surname) , sweet hooks that soften & mellow into more soulful house , with even a nod to funk while still remaining rooted in techno & house. Denis likes a bit of disco too 😉

Staying true to the clubbier side of techy things, his style wouldn’t have been out of place in some of the darker club’s in the 90’s in Glasgow with well timed rumbles and sweet vocals . He reminds me of SLAM in a way.

The mix recorded Live on 4/4/15 for Subculture at Glasgow’s Subclub last year.

Hope you enjoy!


Listen out for:  a lovely mix of Chris Carrier’s ‘Cabaret Des Belles Lettres‘ 47 mins in.

Check out: Denis playing in Dublin in a few weeks @ Sense in the Button Factory along with the his biggest tune to date ‘It’s Only Real’ below.


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