Fatima Yamaha – ‘What’s A Girl To Do’

Fatima Yamaha – ‘What’s A Girl To Do’


‘What’s a girl to do’ is a simple ambient electro-pop style track with a warm melody from supposedly Japanese/Turkish artist Fatima Yamaha.

Fatima Yamaha is actually the gender bending alias of Dutch producer Bas Bron. It ended up being one of the biggest hits of last year despite the fact that the track was released in 2004 on D1 records here in Dublin & has been around for quite some time.

It was re-released mid summer last year to high acclaim on the popular Dekmantel label in the Netherlands gaining more time on the international DJ circuit with heavyweights Dixon, Ame , Mano Le Tough & Bicep amongst others melting crowds with this fuzzy warm slow-burn melody.

Now Yamaha’s rise to fame continues across many of Europe’s top festivals. You can download the entire album for free here from the D1 website below.

Hope you enjoy!



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