Jeff Mills & Montpellier Philharmonic Orchestra – ‘Blue Potential’

Jeff Mills & Montpellier Philharmonic Orchestra – ‘Blue Potential’   

I’m going French this week! And it works..

Jeff Mills.. When we think of Jeff Mills we think, Underground Resistance.. ‘The Wizard’.. Michigan born Detroit legend, techno innovator etc.

I will say that Mills being French probably doesn’t pop to mind but when your playing along with one hell of an Orchestra from Montpellier I guess it definitely is allowed!

We are all united with our French brothers this week..

Whatever you want to call him he needs little introduction. And so we continue..

I’m pretty sure that symphony based or classical music with a techno twist is not the thought that first springs to mind anyway.

This techno DJ/producer heavyweight is taking on some new targets in the form of some ambitious projects.

They say that a lot of a persons musical influences can come from their parents. This case is no exception. I do thank & embrace my Dad for his musical tastes but I think this time he owes me.

My father loves many facets of music especially his classical and let’s just say modern /electronica is not his cup of tea. Particularly my beloved techno.

However, I manage to finely mince the entire set into the audio xmas diet accompanying his regime & dinner more so. So this time it’s kind of working backwards in everyone’s favour.

He doesn’t even know who Jeff Mills is!.. But he does like him.. Nice one Dad.. 😉

Generally, I only listen/watch this a couple of times a year . With reminders in the news of his recent performance of a similar fashion ( Mills feat. BBC Symphony Orchestra at The Barbican Hall) I was prompted to post it up and xmas fast approaching it’s as good a time as any.

This is one Jeff did called Blue Potential back in 2006 with the French Montpellier Philharmonic Orchestra and you can buy the full video on DVD.

I think Mills has a possible further few of these projects in the pipeline so we can expect to hear more from him and it wont be long before perhaps even a show meshing techno & the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Mills style..Always exciting & creative.. I can’t wait!

Check out :’The Bells’ highlight obviously at the end. It’s class.



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