Le Dust Sucker – ‘Johnny & Gayle’

Le Dust Sucker – ‘Johnny & Gayle’


I have been threatening to put this up for quite some time..
In my own mind I guess really..I do owe it to a friend, as is often the case..
Thank you kind friend. You know who you are!

To be really honest I didn’t know enough about the artist to even merit a post.. I’m an Irishman from the south..How did I find this?
Then, I realised that I was already familiar with previous work..

You may remember me from such instances as… the end of (IMO the best Fabric ever) Michael Mayer – Fabric 13.

However, that will soon follow..

It’s good to learn!

For the moment step back in time and enjoy this quality produce!

Hope you enjoy!



2 thoughts on “Le Dust Sucker – ‘Johnny & Gayle’

  1. Haha nice. Carl Cox uses that ‘gonna die if sweet man should pass me by’ on Fact2. One of my introductions to dance music. If I was picking a le dust sucker track it would probably be http://youtu.be/VRJVa8mo8bI Dance pig used some samples and the second/better part in a mix straight after one of his own tracks with a killer baseline (it’s beneath me, if memory serves me right). Ta raa!!

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    1. Sorry for the extra delayed response i thought i wrote this months back I remember having Fact2 even though I didn’t own decks used to love ‘quench’ n some dj hell track on it i think.. I must have been about 16 at the time with barely a recording to my name .

      That does have a deadly baas in it actually..well remembered. It’s been a while.. Nice1


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