Matthew Herbert – ‘Strong’

Matthew Herbert – ‘Strong’

What can I say about Herbert. There is only one.

Some folks may call Matthew Herbert ‘nuts’ but we dont want to offend the man so I prefer the term musical genius.

Released this May ‘The Shakes’ is his first dance EP in a decade and has been critically well received and ‘Strong’ is his first dance record in that same time.

From being a classical composer to one of the most respected names in electronic music Matthew Herbert is not a man who conforms to the rules.

His repertoire is vast and varied ; everything from playing vegtables live in an orchestra to hand raising a pig for one of his more recent albums. ‘One pig’ was a direct protest British politicains regarding the state of Britain’s food.

Herbert is always discovering new and unusual sounds and ways to interpret them and deliver to a mass audience. He is a constant engineer of harmonies be they contemporary and dance.

He has a massive obsession with recording new sounds that have never been used before & believes that his recordings are his best weapon.

I remember reading once that for the album ‘Bodily Functions‘ that he took a sample of his own tolietbowl, one part where it was hollow beneath would sound different when he pissed on it. Creative! 😉

That’s not surprising considering some of the superb facts that follow this man.

Hope you enjoy!.

Check out ; his latest album out since May this year ‘The Shakes’ below.

“Rather than extreme obscurity, here we’re given full-blown musicality… If ‘The Shakes’ is to be Matthew Herbert’s masterpiece, it belongs on a stage.” DJ Mag


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