Cottam – ‘B side EP 2’

Paul Cottam – ‘B side EP2’

Paul Cottam.. Never heard of him? Neither did I until last year. So here’s his info.

Based in the UK Cottam has been spinning other people’s records from the age of 14 – after ‘borrowing’ his brothers 80’s soul and early hip hop he discovered house music and was hooked.

Clubbing in the north through his teens, as acid became rave became progressive, DJs like Dave Clarke introduced him to the harder side of things with techno and electro influences, a love that still lasts to this day with DJs like Surgeon and the black country crew introducing dubstep into their sets.

This one is a fantastically happy and rhythmic track. It’s a real beauty I only discovered last year (while at a fantastic birthday bash in the middle of a forest) but it would definitely be along the lines of an absolute belting summer anthem. In fact it was a few years ago around Europe enjoying massive success.

Hope you enjoy!


Check out : his soundcloud page too for all his latest sounds. He has some good works


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