Ambiq- ‘ Tund ‘ [Ricardo Villalobos mix]

Ambiq- ‘Tund ‘ [Ricardo Villalobos Mix]


Last weeks latest from the Chilean/German virtuoso. There are not many artists in the world like Ricardo Villalobos. Hell I’l even go so far as to say there aren’t many people in the world like him.

An unbelievable record selector, DJ, producer,soundscaper and party king, as well as a personal hero, whatever you want to call him Villalobos has the very best boundary pushing minimal has to offer over the past two decades producing countless numbers of haunting and trippy anthems.

This one is slow to reveal itself as you would expect. It contains a few surprises though.

In the beginning it just sounds like many other RV tracks. However, it grows in intricacy throughout meandering from slow chugs to a more mechanical gritty texture. Reverberating metallic like clunks are littered with what seems like idiosyncratic beats. It’s anything but!

There’s clicks ,bleeps n blips of course along with the trademark almost dark eery effect Ricardo interweaves throughout his works.

I think this is one of RV’s more interesting remixes of late. I really enjoyed it. Predictably it’s not short but interests and curiosity are maintained. The beauty is in the unpredictably. You don’t what way the track will end up. Either way he gets there. Have a listen and find out below.

For more on RV check out his site . Oh you can’t. He’s actually too cool to have a website. You can book him through Cocoon if you loaded and daring 😉

Hope you enjoy!

Watch out for : Ricardo playing in Barcelona in June during the ‘off Sonar’ parties headlining ‘Frrc’ which will be held in Poble Espanyol, Barcelona’s larges open air venue which should see around 5000 fans at the showcase.


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