Timothy Blake – ‘Squiggles’


Timothy Blake – Squiggles (Original Mix)

The more I listen to this track the more I cant stop. I love it!

Expertly hand-crafted by Mr. Timothy Blake – a man from the shores of the emerald isle, now based in Berlin.

Not too long ago Tim decided to follow his heart and was seduced by the attraction of working out of the the worlds most vibrant electronic musical hub. He has found himself amongst good stock with the Kleine Reise crew in Berlin. By the way he’s a gent also.

You can check out the guys updates on the latest happenings on their website and buy all the tracks here : http://www.kr-records.com/

Super sexy synths are layered and delivered throughout this track along with a beautifully happy chuggy baseline. The sounds create an atmosphere with a kind of an almost quirky magical whirling wonderland feel to it.

It makes me feel like I’m on a day out at a carnival or funfair! Even a couple of minutes in and swirls of melody already make you crave more.

Definitely check this one out. It has oodles of character. It’s far superior to any of the remixes I’ve heard.

Tim Blake very nice work.


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