Aphex Twin – 150+ free/demo tracks

Aphex Twin – Soundcloud anonymous uploads

It’s been a week or more of bliss for generations of Aphex Twin fans. A grammy win in the best dance act category for last years critically acclaimed album ‘Syro’ capped off an unusually busy week for Richard.D.James.

RDJ treated fans both old and new with a more than welcome and inspirational overload of demo tracks from the man who has offered little by the way of releases in the past 13 years.

There’s lots to variety chose from with currently over 150+ free tracks and demos uploaded to his anonymous soundcloud account with some dating back 25 odd years.

That’s literally millions of dollars worth of free material. Considering his works are so coveted (one of his records sold last year for a staggering £53,000) this is a truly inspiring piece of art.
He could easily release the collection and make a fortune. We thank you kind sir!

Perhaps, this is a turning point in the mystery and anonymity that AFX is usually surrounded by. At the time of writing there’s too many to choose from so take your time and take your pick.

AFX has also just released his latest album. The unusually scenically named ‘ computers controlled acoustic instruments pt.2’ which is available to buy.

Enjoy this one of a kind splurge-release.

There’s lots of ambient tracks also scattered among RDJ’s signature style. He could have made five volumes of “Selected ambient works” with some of this lot.

Keep up with AFX on warp.net


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