MhM liveset 001 – Nicolas Jaar XLR8R

MhM – Liveset 001 Nicolas Jaar – XLR8R Podcast – Feb 2011 (45 mins)

We start with the not so new, but consistently engaging, as Nicolas Jaar’s XLR8R podcast he did a over three years ago.

Although its a some years back now it remains one of his strongest. Short and sweet, Jaar exercises his depth in selection cramming some beautiful harmonies into this mix.

It remains to be seen where Jaar will venture to next after his highly successful project and tour with long time friend and lead guitar man Will Epstein in their collaboration project, Darkside.

The quailty rings throughout all Jaar’s productions and we can sometimes forget this is still a young man with his best perhaps yet to come.

The bar is set dizzyingly high for this wizard. I for one can’t wait. In the meantime enjoy this.. A unique talent!

Listen out for : the mix into ‘ Space is only noise if you can see ‘ !


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