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Hi folks,

First of all, if you’re reading this welcome to my music blog!

This has been in the pipeline for quite some time now and to say that I have been procrastinating is an understatement. Let’s grace with the guise of mental planning. Simply put I will be posting my various musical choices.

I have decided to create this project for a few simple reasons.

Mainly, I adore music. I believe that it a great way for people to network and meet new friends and share new ideas. I wanted to get involved in something I’m passionate about and see where it may take me. This is a small step in the right direction.

There are a lot of friends, associates, well-wishers and general swashbuckling scallywags that ask me for different types of rhythms, where to find various sources of music and where I get my music from (often stolen at friend’s house parties or nights out).

To be honest, it’s great to share new music with people. My answer is generally everywhere and anywhere from different influences – usually, friends or family or anyone I’ve come in contact with who plays interesting music. Kudos to you all. I’m an avid fan of a good manual trawl also which could be considered a lost art.

I wanted to have somewhere that music enthusiasts can broaden their outlook’s and mainly network with friends. To that end, this blog has been created. This blog is an environment where each and everyone can participate should they chose.

It is a place where I can share some of the tracks that I enjoy the most and maybe discover what others are listening to.

I hope to educate myself, expand my horizons and to enlighten myself through others musical perspective and ideas. Also, it’s no harm to have an archive of anything really.

I will be aiming to cover a varied range including, but not limited to old, new, 60 – now, house, techno, electro, soul, funk or blues, timeless tracks or modern gems that sound like they could be from any era. Too many genres to mention.

I’m guessing there will be quite a lot of electronica.

Music is nostalgic. If you come across a track or song that reminds you of a similar artist/track or a time and a place or moment in your life I’d love to hear it.

The objective is to get as many ideas as possible, let the creative juices flow and see in what direction our musical ambling may be influenced.

There’s nothing quite like the feeling when you stumble across a new sound you simply can’t get out of your head.

Indeed, save a thought and raise your glass to perhaps the not so recent anthem that has been your mental marching powder in your time of need and kept you ticking over for seemingly infinite amounts of time. There’s nothing like a good loop. I’d imagine Donna Summer (amongst others) would agree.

It doesn’t matter when you discovered it, the point is that you did. It can be an old-timer or something fresh off the presses (somewhat more of a rarity these days).

Equally, maybe you’re on your maiden voyage hearing an album or track for the first time. Perhaps, it inspired or influenced you or someone you like to compose something.. Or maybe it’s one of those old classics that you know when you hear it!

Involvement in music is considered to be one of the most fundamental components of human culture and behaviour and is one of our most prominent communication tools.

Featuring remixes, reworks, classics, covers, edits, loops, everything and anything, taking influences from jazz to techno, folk to indie, power ballads to minimal beats, 60’s,
dubstep, classical to disco, swing to IDM, ambient, rock, italio or Chicago house etc.

That should be enough to cover a broad(ish) range of music.

I am sometimes asked for different music/sources and influences so I have decided to set up this ‘area of information’ let’s call it, to address some of these ramblings..

I won’t please everyone all of the time, but some people some of the time is good enough!

Also, I hope this will be a place that will allow me to contribute to my own musical outlook.

The content I will be focusing on to start is mainly tracks and live mixes but I will be putting up some podcasts/videos/albums/resources and interesting articles etc from time to time.

There will be some outsider input for different projects too. We will start small. Also please link with others and see what they have to offer aswell.

One of the most exciting things is that it should allow me to have a place to expand to my own musical and personal horizons. I embrace whatever direction it may take and hope ye may experience something similar.

Anything goes really.

Eclectic ;

Deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.

Old, new, borrowed, blue. You name it.. I love music and sound, everything that it is and everything that it stands for. It’s something inside us that’s quite unique, inspiring, personal, introspective and powerful and we can all share in its same positive directive.

Words and sounds can heavily influence our thoughts and emotions. They can bring a deep connection within ourselves and others and indeed can even change the way pathways in our brain are produced exercising several different regions, unlike any other activity!

The Message here; music changes the way we think. It’s good for you.. Get involved and stay involved!

We can all go to some metaphysical mind-space deep in ourselves when we hear what we love, or ones we will love/that demand our instant attention. Some folks call it tripping out or getting lost in a moment. Some people are lost at this moment just reading this šŸ˜‰

Regardless of what term you wish to label it with music is a vital force for expression, exchanging of ideas and thoughts and collaboration. It is a primal ritualistic escape from reality, an art form of the purest variety used to sculpt and enhance our life experiences.

To me, music is a tool that is a language that can speak to everyone regardless of background & culture. It can help and comfort people through tough times and make good ones even greater.

It connects us to family and loved ones at its very heart. It breaks down boundaries and can forge long-lasting friendships, relationships, experiences and most importantly above everything love!

What: Beautiful music of course

Where: Right here @MustHavMusic

When: Anytime that feels right

Why: To share / Why not?

Music is to feel…Music is life!


Note: I don’t own any of the music played, and all rights are reserved to the respected owners.


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